Elevate Program

Elevate is designed to impact an entire athletic program, not just one team or one sport.

Use the pricing calculator below to determine what Elevate will cost based on the number of teams, athletes, and coaches on your campus. 

Your purchase includes everything you need to implement Elevate, plus FREE shipping within the USA.

Per School:

  • 1 Coaching Clinic DVD
  • 1 Kick-Off DVD
  • 1 Press Release Kit
  • 1 Framed Member Certificate
  • 1 Member Window Cling
  • 1 Banner

Per Team:

  • 10 C3 Awards (gold coin) with Plastic Holder
  • 1 Definitions Poster
  • 1 Sharpie Autograph Pen

Per Coach:

  • 1 Playbook
  • 1 Commitment Card
  • 1 Distinguished Character Award (certificate)

Per Athlete: 

  • 1 Commitment Card
  • 1 Distinguished Character Award (certificate)


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